4 Ways To Wow With Your Replacement Windows


Having replacement windows installed is like giving your house an eye lift. The look may be subtle, but passersby will notice the overall façade is fresher. What's more, you can choose energy-efficient windows to cut down on your utility bills. In fact, according to Better Homes and Gardens, you can reduce heating and cooling costs by 15 percent with energy-efficient windows. While you're selecting the glass features that offer this budgetary bonus, choose window styles that add wow to your home's façade.

28 March 2016

2 Things To Consider When Installing New Windows Around Your Home


At some point in time or another, just about every homeowner will make the decision to upgrade the windows in their home. Whether it be because they simply want something new and stylish or their other windows are falling apart at the seams, new windows can provide you with a host of different benefits. As you look through all of the different options available, here are two things you want to consider as you choose what windows to install around your home.

23 February 2016

4 Tips For Washing Your Windows


Window washing isn't anyone's favorite home chore, but it is something you can't keep putting off. Keeping the inside and outside of your windows clean doesn't have to be too difficult if you use the right materials and methods. Here are some helpful tips for washing your windows. Wash Them on a Cloudy or Overcast Day If you find that when you wash your windows, you always get spots or streaks, it might be due to the heat.

10 January 2016

Pros And Cons Of Double-Paned Windows


Energy-efficiency is a concern to anyone that pays an electric bill. Those drafty doors and windows soon add up to you throwing your hard earned dollars to the wind. While you can't eliminate your electricity bill completely, you can reduce some of the heating and cooling costs by reducing these drafts to make your home more energy efficient. One major way to do this is by installing double-paned windows.  Advantages 

30 November 2015

Three Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Blinds Installation


The right style and color of blinds can instantly increase a room's aesthetic quality, not to mention serve its intended purpose of blocking sunlight and providing privacy. While you can have fun picking out your preferred set of blinds at the store, it's ideal to turn over the duties to a professional at this point. Trying to hang your own blinds, unless you have experience in this area, can be challenging and lead to frustration.

20 October 2015

What You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Home's Siding


After a while, the effects of sun, wind, rain, and storms can cause significant damage to your home's siding, and you're going to have to replace it. But there's a lot to consider before buying new siding willy-nilly -- you have to know your home's current condition, the cost and labor required to replace your siding, and you have to make the decision on what type of siding you're going to stick on your house for the next decade or two before it's time to replace it again.

26 August 2015

Three Unique Design Features To Add To Your Vinyl Siding Installation


If you want to have a durable and practically maintenance free siding, vinyl is a great choice of materials. In addition, siding can often give your home a plain lap-siding look. Today, many newer materials can be used to make your siding look unique. You can also do things like add custom trim around windows for more of a personal appearance. If you want to have a unique look for the siding on your home, here are some design features that you may want to consider for your siding installation.

12 August 2015