Should You Tint Your Mini Van Windows?


Getting a minivan is a milestone event for many parents. For many parents, it means they have fully embraced the family lifestyle and begun to choose vehicles that are designed more for practicality than looks. At first, then, your thought may be that tinted windows are a silly choice for a minivan. After all, tinted windows are often seen as a "cool feature" more befitting for muscle cars and sports cars than the family wheels. But actually, window tints offer a lot more than cool looks—they can actually be a really smart addition to your minivan for the following reasons.

Tints keep the van's interior a lot cooler.

As an adult, you've probably just come to accept that when you first get into your car on a hot day, the temperature is unbearable for a few minutes. You can tolerate the heat until the AC kicks on. But this is probably not appealing to your kids. Two minutes in a hot, sweaty van in the middle of the summer, and you'll have a rather cranky toddler—and rightfully so. Window tints reduce the amount of sunlight that makes it into the back of your van, which keeps your van a lot cooler as it sits in the parking lot. You can then load the kids up in the backseat without worrying they'll be uncomfortably hot.

Tints protect sensitive skin from UV rays.

Most vehicle windows let UV rays come right on through. This can lead to sunburns and skin damage, especially for kids whose skin is still so young and sensitive. While it is a good idea to put sunscreen on your kids, you may not always do so if you're just running somewhere quick. Having window tints put on the minivan will keep the UV rays from coming through the windows, which will offer your kids better protection from potentially dangerous sunshine.

Tints keep others from looking into your van.

While it would be nice if everyone in the world was kind and had good intentions, that is sadly not the case. You probably don't want strangers being able to see into the back of your van and see your kids. Window tints, especially dark ones, limit visibility and help keep your kids, pets, or possessions more secure.

While window tints are often thought of as being a cool feature for muscle cars and coupes, they're actually a great addition to minivans, too. To learn more, contact auto window tinting services. 


16 March 2021

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