How Do the Right Blinds Help You Sleep


Making your bedroom look nice is important, and many people reach for window blinds that only roughly fit their windows so long as they look nice. However, if your window blinds don't fit your windows well, it could be keeping you from sleeping as deeply or for as long as you'd like. Thankfully, there's an easy solution: pick up a new pair of blinds that fit well and are designed to help you sleep. Here's what you should know about them versus the blinds you're currently using.

Less Heat

When you have window blinds that don't fit your windows well, you're pretty much doomed to have more heat enter the room as a result, especially once the sun is up in the morning. While a little heat isn't necessarily a bad thing, excess heat can definitely interrupt your sleep. 

By having your windows professionally measured and a new pair of blinds ordered for them, you can avoid this problem. Not only does getting a properly fit pair of blinds cut down on the amount of heat coming in, but you can also ask about getting blinds that are made out of material designed to cut down on heat and cold transfer. This will also keep you warmer during the winter months. 

Less Light

Another problem that you've probably experienced is having more light pour into your room. When the sun comes up for the day, light peeking in from around the shades can potentially damage your ability to sleep and wake you up ahead of time. While wearing a sleeping mask can help somewhat, it's not a perfect solution.

This problem will be instantly solved if you get new blinds that fit your windows properly. Your new shades will fit the windows down to the millimeter, ensuring that as little light gets in as possible, giving you a better night's sleep.

Less Noise

While many people don't consider it, window blinds do help to prevent a certain amount of noise coming in, but only if they cover the entire window. Otherwise, sound can leak in through the areas of the window that aren't adequately covered.

Again, the retailer you choose blinds from can help with this. Thicker materials do a better job of blocking sound and vibrations coming in from outdoors. If you're not sure what's right for your situation, just ask — they'll be happy to assist you.

Simply getting window blinds that properly fit your windows can dramatically improve your quality and amount of sleep every night. Visit a local store to see what blinds are available and what will fit your home.  


14 July 2020

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