Should You Invest in a New Door?


You probably don't give a lot of thought to your doors. However, just like everything else that's part of your home, they do need replacing from time to time. The key is simply knowing when to replace them. Fortunately, this is easy to figure out if you can look for a few key signs.

Your Doors Is Letting in Outside Air

Quality doors are doors that are tightly sealed against the outside air. However, as a door wears out, it can sometimes develop small gaps around the sides and bottom that can start to let in air. Eventually, this can end up making your home an uncomfortable temperature and skyrocketing your energy costs.

If you can stand by your door and feel a draft coming through or warm air on your skin, it's probably time for a new door, or at least some upgrades to make your current door more efficient.

Your Door Doesn't Open or Close Properly

Do you find it difficult to get your door open? Maybe you have to jam against it to get it to budge. Or, perhaps your problem is with closing your door. It might creak open slowly after you close it or jam in certain spots, causing you to have to force it closed.

Whatever the case may be, doors that don't open and close properly are doors that require replacement. These doors are often easier to break into and can sometimes come open when you don't want them to, making them a security risk. Doors with this problem can also make it easier to accidentally lock yourself out of your home.

Doors have opening and closing problems for many reasons, such as warping, improper fits between the frame and door, age, and more. Whatever is causing your door to have these issues, you'll either need to fix the problem or replace your door.

Your Door Has Hinge Problems

One final thing to look out for is issues with your door hinges. Do they squeak excessively, even after you oil them? This is a good sign that they're wearing down and need to be replaced. And, by the time hinges wear out, your door is usually close to the end of its life as well. Be especially careful about loose hinges, which make a door easier to break into. Basically, any hinge problems that are not easily fixed may mean it's time for a door replacement.

Remember, even the very best doors can't last forever. For that reason, it's a good idea to check your doors for issues periodically and to get professional advice when you think you might need a replacement door.


26 July 2019

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My heating bills were outrageous, so I started doing some research to find out the reason. One of the culprits of my huge heating bills was my windows. They were old, drafty and they were the main reason why I was losing so much heat in my house. To solve this problem and to stop throwing money away, I purchased replacement windows. After having the windows installed, I could immediately see a difference in my utility bills. My name is Gina Marler and I'm here to help you save money. You'll learn everything you need to know about replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient windows. In addition to replacing your windows, I'll also give you more tips on how you can save money. I hope that you find my blog informative and that you'll soon see a difference in your heating bills too.