Temporarily Patching A Glass Pane While Waiting For A Replacement


If you have a broken glass window in your home that you plan to replace soon, keeping insects and inclement weather from getting inside your house is most likely a priority. There are several ways you can patch a broken window when waiting for a glass repair service to come to do a new pane installation. Here are some tips to use to patch your window in an attempt to keep people safe and keep your home free of nuisances like bugs and moisture.

Temporarily Patch A Crack In Your Window Pane

If your window is cracked but there are no apparent holes going straight through the pane, try patching it with heavy-duty clear packing tape. First, gently press on the pane of glass to make sure there are no loose slivers of glass you may not have seen embedded in the crack. These can be removed with a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers so the tape will adhere without obstructions in the way.

Cleanse the area on each side of the window with a window cleaning agent and gently wipe it dry with a piece of microfiber cloth. Cut a piece of tape a bit longer than the length of the crack and apply it so the width of the tape is centered over the damaged portion of the glass. Gently press it into place. Continue the same process on the other side of the window.

Add A Quick Cover-Up When A Hole Is Visible

If your window has a small hole in the glass, remove any loose shards or slivers from around the void before covering the area. This will help minimize the risk of injury to those who come within range of the window. Afterward, cut a piece of thick cardboard to fit over the hole. This should be a few inches bigger than the diameter of the hole so the damaged portion will be completely contained.

Use clear packing tape to tape the cardboard over the broken part of the window pane, making sure to seal all four edges of the cardboard securely so no one will come into contact with the broken glass. Repeat the process on the other side of the window. After the cardboard is in place, use a piece of heavy-duty plastic wrap to cover it on the exterior part of the window so it does not become wet should inclement weather become present outdoors. 

For professional help, contact a window and sliding glass door repair service.


12 July 2016

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My heating bills were outrageous, so I started doing some research to find out the reason. One of the culprits of my huge heating bills was my windows. They were old, drafty and they were the main reason why I was losing so much heat in my house. To solve this problem and to stop throwing money away, I purchased replacement windows. After having the windows installed, I could immediately see a difference in my utility bills. My name is Gina Marler and I'm here to help you save money. You'll learn everything you need to know about replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient windows. In addition to replacing your windows, I'll also give you more tips on how you can save money. I hope that you find my blog informative and that you'll soon see a difference in your heating bills too.