Replacement Windows: Adding Security To Your Home


When you are considering replacement windows, you have a number of concerns to address. Of course, you want them to be attractive and energy-efficient. In addition to these concerns, you should consider their security factor. Certain window replacement types can help deter intruders. When it comes time to replace your windows, invest in those that are hard to break or breach.

Window Style

A casement window is an excellent choice to improve your security. These windows are opened by a hand crank that is located inside the house. The only way to open one is from the inside. You also do not need to invest in additional locking hardware. As long as you close the window, intruders cannot enter unless they shatter the glass. The windows are excellent for people who have trouble remembering to lock up at night. Other suggested styles include sliding windows. They have a lock that blocks their horizontal movement and keeps anyone on the outside from opening the window. Experts also suggest double-hung windows as well.

Glass Type

Burglars would rather force their way in through a window, but they will also break one on occasion to gain entrance. When you choose your replacement windows, you should consider insulated glass or double glazed glass. These are tough windows that require more force to break. You can also choose extra-thick glass for the most vulnerable areas, including those by your doors. 

Additional Measures

If you are still worried about window security, you can add window bars when you have your new windows installed. These are particularly effective in high crime areas. With these bars in place, you are safe even if thieves break the glass. You shouldn't envision these bars as the type in prisons. You can find attractive window bars that actually accent the design of your home. They provide security without detracting from your home's curb appeal. You can also have window alarms installed that will sound if someone tries to open or breaks a window. Investing a little additional money can greatly improve your home's protection. 

When the time comes to install replacement windows, take the opportunity to strengthen the security of your home. The type of window you choose can make it more difficult for your home to be robbed. Pay attention to the type of glass you choose and consider adding extra security measures. Of course design and energy efficiency are important, but you can help discourage intruders at the same time. Visit for more information.   


17 June 2016

Halt Your High Heating Bills With Replacement Windows

My heating bills were outrageous, so I started doing some research to find out the reason. One of the culprits of my huge heating bills was my windows. They were old, drafty and they were the main reason why I was losing so much heat in my house. To solve this problem and to stop throwing money away, I purchased replacement windows. After having the windows installed, I could immediately see a difference in my utility bills. My name is Gina Marler and I'm here to help you save money. You'll learn everything you need to know about replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient windows. In addition to replacing your windows, I'll also give you more tips on how you can save money. I hope that you find my blog informative and that you'll soon see a difference in your heating bills too.