4 Tips For Washing Your Windows


Window washing isn't anyone's favorite home chore, but it is something you can't keep putting off. Keeping the inside and outside of your windows clean doesn't have to be too difficult if you use the right materials and methods. Here are some helpful tips for washing your windows.

Wash Them on a Cloudy or Overcast Day

If you find that when you wash your windows, you always get spots or streaks, it might be due to the heat. When you wash windows on a hot day, the sun's UV rays cause the window washing solution to dry before you get a chance to clean the windows properly, which is what causes those spots and streaks. To avoid this, plan for a day when it is either cloudy or overcast outside. If you're in the middle of summer and want to wash your windows, at least wait for a time of day when you aren't getting intense heat directly on the windows. This is often early morning or late evening.

Use a Squeegee

Many people swear by certain types of materials for washing windows, such as microfiber cloths or towels from an auto supply store. However, take a cue from the pros: use a squeegee. There is a reason professional window cleaners use squeegees on windows. It helps to get them clean and shiny, without leaving streaks and lint behind. You will be amazed by how much easier it is to wash your windows using this handy tool. Look for a squeegee that is meant for home windows, being sure it has a soft rubber edge. Start using the squeegee on dry windows first as this helps to remove dust and get a smooth glass surface before going back in with your cleaning solution.

Remove Dust and Debris First

Before you start washing your windows, it helps to clean the window frames and sills before yous tart washing your windows. You might have beautiful windows you can see through, but the dust around them can make them look less than appealing. Plus, this dust can easily transfer to the windows, ruining all your hard work. Before you begin, begin dusting around the window, including in the sills, tracks, and hinges. Remove cobwebs, get loose dirt and remove debris. You might want to use a vacuum attachment for debris caught in the tracks.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

One of the best things you can do for your windows is to use an all-natural window washing solution. Instead of picking up a generic commercial product, first try combining hot water and white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Use that on your windows with your squeegee to see if you like the finished results. The only time you should need something stronger is if you have mold around your windows. In this case, wash them with a mixture of bleach and laundry detergent first, rinse them, then go in with your homemade cleaning solution.

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10 January 2016

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