Update Metal Shutters with Rust-Inhibiting Spray Primer And Paint


Unpainted, metal storm shutters can be dressed up to complement the exterior of your home with a coat of rust-inhibiting spray primer and two coats of paint. If you need to repair or update your storm shutters before you paint, talk with a place like Active Hurricane & Security Protection. The following steps will teach you how to transform the shutters so that they look newer and add appeal to the outside of your home.


  • soft bristled scrub brush
  • industrial strength detergent
  • water hose
  • drop cloths
  • masking tape
  • exterior primer (with rust inhibitor)
  • exterior paint
  • mixing stick
  • paint sprayer

​Clean the Shutters And Prepare The Work Area

Secure and lock the shutters. Add a small amount of industrial strength detergent to a scrub brush. Apply the detergent to the shutters and use firm pressure as you remove surface stains and residue. Rinse the shutters off with a steady stream of water and allow plenty of time for them to dry. Place a drop cloth underneath each shutter to protect the ground from primer and paint. Apply pieces of masking tape over the areas next to the shutters so that they are not exposed to the primer or paint.

Apply Primer That Contains A Rust Inhibitor

Apply the primer and paint on a day that is not windy or hot. Windy conditions can cause the primer and paint to splatter onto other parts of your home. Hot weather can cause the primer and paint to dry rapidly and bond improperly. If the weather is predicted to be hot, opt to add the primer and paint early in the morning or late in the day. Mix the primer to eliminate air bubbles. Remove the canister from the paint sprayer and fill it with the primer. Reattach the canister. 

Stand a few feet away from the first shutter. Hold the paint sprayer perpendicular to the shutter and squeeze the nozzle. Move the paint sprayer in straight lines. Stay the same distance away from the shutter as you cover it with primer so that it is applied evenly. Add primer to the remaining shutters in the same manner. Wait for the primer to dry.

Add Two Coats Of Paint

Clean out the paint sprayer's canister with soapy water and rinse the interior with a water hose. Stir the paint and fill the canister. Reattach the canister and apply an even coat of paint to each shutter with the same steps that were used to apply the primer. After the paint dries, add a second coat. Wait for the paint to dry before removing the masking tape or opening the shutters. The freshly painted shutters will give your house an updated appearance that will continue to look great for many years.


3 August 2015

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