Commonly Asked Questions About Reducing Heat Loss From Your Windows


During the winter months, your home's windows can be a major source of energy loss, but many homeowners assume that there is little that can be done about this problem. As a result, they may suffer through the winters while paying higher energy bills to heat the drafty house. Fortunately, there are a host of options available for reducing heat loss through your windows, and having the following couple of questions answered will give you a better idea of a couple of the available options.  

How Can You Reduce Drafts Along Your Window Sills?

Drafts coming from along the window sills are a common source of heat loss. These drafts occur because there is a small gap between the window and the frame which allows cold air to enter your home. This problem is often caused by worn weather stripping, and simply replacing the stripping should correct this problem. 

After you install the new weatherstripping, you should close the window and hold a lit candle along the window sill. A flickering flame will indicate that the problem was not corrected, and you will need to inspect the weatherstripping to make sure that you have it installed perfectly straight and level. 

How Do Insulated Windows Work To Reduce Heat Loss?

For those that are needing to upgrade their windows, it is important to consider the benefits of insulated windows. These windows use dual paned glass to help reduce the amount of heat loss that occurs. Between the two pieces of glass, there is a space that is filled with an insulating gas. 

In addition to this gas, these windows usually have an energy efficient coating. However, you may need to apply this coating to the exterior of the windows every few years, because the combination of heat and rain will start to break it down. Luckily, these coatings are sold in aerosol form, which will make applying it to your windows a simple task. 

Ensuring that your home is as energy efficient as possible requires more than just limiting how much you use your appliances. It also must entail reducing any existing sources of heat loss that may be occurring. While your windows are likely a major source of energy inefficiency for your home, knowing how to eliminate a drafty window sill and why insulated windows work will help you to reduce the energy that your home loses through its windows. In addition to saving you money on your monthly heating bill, this will also help to keep everyone in your home as comfortable as possible.

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7 July 2015

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