How To Maintain Your Windows For Maximum Energy Efficiency


As much of one-third of your home's heat loss takes place through your windows and doors. Your windows can also let unwanted heat into your home during the summer. For this reason, it is worthwhile to consider your windows when you are looking for a way to make your home more energy-efficient. Of course, installing new energy-efficient windows is the best way to be sure that your windows are not causing excess heat loss or warming your home during the summer. However, if you are looking for a smaller financial investment, there are several things you can do to your existing windows to make them more energy-efficient.

Storm Windows: Storm windows are additional glass panels that are mounted to the inside or outside of your existing windows. They offer many of the benefits of installing double-paned windows without the expense of replacing the entire window. Storm windows help prevent outside air from entering in to your home, preventing hot air from entering during the summer and cold air from entering during the winter. They also prolong the life of your existing windows by protecting them from the elements. Storm windows range from about $180 to about $560 per window, depending on the type of glass (low-e or regular glass) the type of window, and whether you install them yourself or hire a professional. They are not the cheapest option, but are a long-term solution that can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Seal Cracks: Without installing storm windows, you can improve your windows by making them airtight. This can be done by replacing cracked panes, and adding or repairing the caulking and weatherstripping around the windows. Caulking and weatherstripping save you money and make your windows more energy efficient by preventing your heated or cooled air from escaping from cracks around your windows. Caulking and weatherstripping are available in home hardware stores for just a few dollars, but you may want to invest in hiring a professional to check your windows and seal them.

Reflective Films: Reflective films are another way to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows, particularly in warmer climates where the major concern is keeping the heat of the sun from entering your home. Window films are available in light reduction, heat reduction, or UV blocking models. At around $20 per roll, window films are an inexpensive option. As with caulking and weatherstripping, window films can be installed by homeowners themselves, but they will be more effective and look better if they are installed by a contractor (such as Distinctive Siding & Window).

By paying attention to your windows and investing a little money, you can make your home more energy efficient.


11 June 2015

Halt Your High Heating Bills With Replacement Windows

My heating bills were outrageous, so I started doing some research to find out the reason. One of the culprits of my huge heating bills was my windows. They were old, drafty and they were the main reason why I was losing so much heat in my house. To solve this problem and to stop throwing money away, I purchased replacement windows. After having the windows installed, I could immediately see a difference in my utility bills. My name is Gina Marler and I'm here to help you save money. You'll learn everything you need to know about replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient windows. In addition to replacing your windows, I'll also give you more tips on how you can save money. I hope that you find my blog informative and that you'll soon see a difference in your heating bills too.