How To Repair Water-Damaged Wooden Window Sills


A window sill is the piece of wood that goes along the bottom edge of a window frame. It is usually made out of a hardwood like cherry or poplar. Most sills overhang the wall and they have a decorative trim beneath it. In many homes the sill is used as an impromptu table, desk, chair and drink coaster. Basically, the window sill can get used and abused over the years. It is often the first thing that needs to be repaired on a wooden window frame. This article will explain how to fix one of the most common issues with damaged window sills: water damage.

Repairing Water Damage on the Sill

Window sills are often be used as drink coasters and the sweat from a cold drink can cause water damage to wood. When wood gets water soaked, it can get swollen. If wood is swollen, the paint can crack. So, you will need to flatten the surface, fill any holes, and then repaint the entire sill.

Sanding Down the Sill

The first step is to flatten the surface and knock away any swollen wood. Use an electrical vibrating sander with medium grit. After you sand down the wood, you may notice small holes or cracks in the wood. You will need to fill these holes with wood putty. Applying wood putty is easy with a simple putty knife. Spread the putty thinly, making sure that you fill in all of the cavities.

The putty will need to dry for a few hours. After the putty is dry you will need to resand it down to make it flat. Try to make the patched area blend in with the natural surface of the sill. Then, wipe down any sawdust from the sill with a wet rag.

Painting the Sill

The final step is to repaint the sill. You will probably need to repaint the entire sill, not just the area that was patched and sanded. You might to repaint the entire frame if your new sill paint does not match the entire frame. The paint on the frame can fade over time, so the new paint might not match, even if you still have the original paint leftover from when the frame was originally painted.

By repairing and repainting your window sill, you are effectively resealing the wood to make it stronger. Your windows can look much newer and cleaner with this simple window repair. If you run into any problems, or your windows have more extensive damage, don't hesitate to call a contractor like Sun Window & Door for assistance.


6 March 2015

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