Two Things You Should Know About Using Window Putty


A big part of installing new windows that is often overlooked is the window putty. It plays a vital role in keeping the window in place within the frame, and helps prevent drafts from getting in from outside your home. As you get ready to install new windows on your own, you'll need putty to finish the job. Here are some key things you should know.

Selecting A Window Putty

Window putty, also referred to as window caulk, comes in many different forms. By understanding the different options are, you will not make the mistake of buying the wrong type of window putty.

Plumbing putty is a bit different since it is a waterproof putty, and typically used around drains and faucets in your home. It is made with a mix of linseed oil and powdered clay, though it can also be mixed with talc, limestone, and fish oil.

Firestopping putty is self explanatory based on its name, as it will help increase your home's firestop rating. A firestop rating is based on how efficient your home is at preventing fires from spreading throughout your home, and having this additional safety measure on your windows can help increase that time a little bit more.

Painter's Putty is one of the best types of putty you can use to seal your new windows, and you should consider this type over all the other kinds available. While its main purpose is to fill holes that have been made in wood, it has several practical uses. Thankfully, sealing your windows is one of them.

Using Putty To Seal A Window

Putty is not something that you can take directly from the container and start using on your window immediately. It needs a bit of prep work to get it in a form that works best for your windows. The putty needs to be pretty malleable, which will require adding linseed oil, even if the putty already has linseed oil in it. You want the consistency of the putty to be like a thick clay.

A putty knife is essential to properly apply the window putty. If you are replacing a damaged piece of glass, a putty knife is necessary to remove all of the old putty. The putty knife will help assist you with molding the putty tightly around the window, which is what helps prevent leaks from occurring.

If selecting and applying window putty seems too complicated for you, remember that you can always seek out the help of a professional to ensure that your window replacement is done correctly. Contact Mister Window Inc for more information or assistance.


25 February 2015

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